Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun Times in Edmonton

Heeelllloooo again blog.

I'm back to the grind here after a long weekend in Edmonton with the fam (excluding baby Lennox, but I swear he had more fun with Mama and Papa then he would've being held prisoner in a stroller in the mall).  We left last Thursday after work and drove allll night long to Edmonton arriving at 8am Friday.  As soon as we got there we went to Darren's cousin's place where we got ready to begin our first full day of shopping after a large double double of course.  It was spring break there as well and the mall was a busy busy place. 

Ryder and Mckenna survived that first day, barely.  Saturday and Sunday we gave them a break and brought them on some rides and swimming in the highly overpriced waterpark in West Edmonton Mall.  Mckenna who's 3 was terrified of Galaxyland and even had a ride stopped so she could get off (bumper cars lol).  She did love the carosel though, but she has one arm tightly gripped around my neck at all times!

Another great thing about city trips..the food! here in Simpson great dining experiences are not a usual thing...definitely not at the restaurants and good luck finding all the ingredients you would need to try a new recipe...Food highlight...Japanese Village! I can still taste the mouth-watering steak and lobster and that sauce!!! MMMMmmmmMMmmmmm...Our friend Cheryl watched our kids and we took my neice Amanda and her bf Greg out for dinner, it was definitely worth it.  Oh and the chef at the table next to us was throwing knives around juggling putting on a good show for his guests.  Our chef was using these wooden things that looked like maracas and I was wondering why he wasn't using knives...then right at the end one flew out of his hands onto the floor..I guess that explains why he wasn't onto knives yet haha, lucky for Darren who was right in the line of fire. 

It was fun and I got a new spring/summer wardrobe which is always nice and a new pair of leather boots which I can expect to wear in maybe a month or so, spring time in Fort Simpson gotta love it.  While it was cold, -3 or so in Edmonton it was tropical weather here at home and we came back to slush, mud and puddles and our own personal pool a.k.a our driveway.  We got back Tuesday afternoon and it was awesome to get out for a walk with the dog and kids again.

This week was a short week and I'm looking forward to starting my weekend tomorrow! last weekend was great, shopping and all buuuut it's definitely exhausting early mornings, late nights, walking around for hours on end with 2 kids, so this weekend I'm going to take it easy.  On the to-do list is hang out with some friends, Chace's first birthday party and LAUNDRY!

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