Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun Times in Edmonton

Heeelllloooo again blog.

I'm back to the grind here after a long weekend in Edmonton with the fam (excluding baby Lennox, but I swear he had more fun with Mama and Papa then he would've being held prisoner in a stroller in the mall).  We left last Thursday after work and drove allll night long to Edmonton arriving at 8am Friday.  As soon as we got there we went to Darren's cousin's place where we got ready to begin our first full day of shopping after a large double double of course.  It was spring break there as well and the mall was a busy busy place. 

Ryder and Mckenna survived that first day, barely.  Saturday and Sunday we gave them a break and brought them on some rides and swimming in the highly overpriced waterpark in West Edmonton Mall.  Mckenna who's 3 was terrified of Galaxyland and even had a ride stopped so she could get off (bumper cars lol).  She did love the carosel though, but she has one arm tightly gripped around my neck at all times!

Another great thing about city trips..the food! here in Simpson great dining experiences are not a usual thing...definitely not at the restaurants and good luck finding all the ingredients you would need to try a new recipe...Food highlight...Japanese Village! I can still taste the mouth-watering steak and lobster and that sauce!!! MMMMmmmmMMmmmmm...Our friend Cheryl watched our kids and we took my neice Amanda and her bf Greg out for dinner, it was definitely worth it.  Oh and the chef at the table next to us was throwing knives around juggling putting on a good show for his guests.  Our chef was using these wooden things that looked like maracas and I was wondering why he wasn't using knives...then right at the end one flew out of his hands onto the floor..I guess that explains why he wasn't onto knives yet haha, lucky for Darren who was right in the line of fire. 

It was fun and I got a new spring/summer wardrobe which is always nice and a new pair of leather boots which I can expect to wear in maybe a month or so, spring time in Fort Simpson gotta love it.  While it was cold, -3 or so in Edmonton it was tropical weather here at home and we came back to slush, mud and puddles and our own personal pool a.k.a our driveway.  We got back Tuesday afternoon and it was awesome to get out for a walk with the dog and kids again.

This week was a short week and I'm looking forward to starting my weekend tomorrow! last weekend was great, shopping and all buuuut it's definitely exhausting early mornings, late nights, walking around for hours on end with 2 kids, so this weekend I'm going to take it easy.  On the to-do list is hang out with some friends, Chace's first birthday party and LAUNDRY!

Monday, March 21, 2011 that you??

WOW! I almost forgot I even had a blog! it's been forever, at the time it seemed like a great idea...but it turns out I'm a bad blogger!  It would be easier if I had a computer at home, our laptop broke and apparently it costs a pretty penny to fix up in these parts.  Our other older laptop (mine) got a virus and we just shut it down and never started it up again and that was 3 years ago! haha I should look into getting that fixed as well.

So it feels like spring is coming here in Fort Simpson, after a LONG cold winter it's finally warming up and expected to be a whopping 5 degrees here on Wednesday! We are taking the kids on a mini-spring break to Edmonton on Thursday where the weather is expected to be around -1 to 0 degrees, go figure when we decide to go it's going to be warmer here than there. 

This past weekend was a great one, we got out for a few walks with the boys and Axel our dog.  It was sunny and despite the wind, very nice.  Yesterday we harnessed Axel up and he pulled Ryder, our 6 year old, on the loop around town.  I think for once in his 15 months of existance we finally tuckered him out! haha.  This week is going to be a nice one so we are going to continue to take advantage of the weather and get outside for some exercise.

So this week is looking good, despite getting a SPEEDING TICKET this morning on my way to work! the cop was nice about it even though I got a hefty fine, but lesson learned and tomorrow morning I will think of that embarassing moment pulled over on MAIN ROAD at 8:30..ish when I go to hit snooze (I think I hit snooze 5 times this morning!)

Well now that I remembered that I have a blog I promise to update more frequently! and I PROMISE to add pictures as soon as I can! Once I add pictures then I'll go public (Facebook) with my blog, until then later Sue ..oh and Alexa! I have 2 followers haha

Friday, January 14, 2011


Holy crackers! This morning was -48 degrees Celsius with the wind chill! C-O-L-D.  Only 2 more full months of winter then its spring! 

I decided to start my spring cleaning early this year.  Starting this weekend I want to clean/organize my storage room/crawlspace; mainly because it’s super messy, I live in a tiny little house and with 2 adults and 3 kids “stuff” adds up quickly and it doesn’t hide either; and also we are anticipating a move in the very near future, I’d say within the next 2 months, I’ve been saying that for a year now, but I REALLY MEAN IT this time! Anyways, if I’m all organized and everything is in its proper Rubbermaid bin then the big move down the street should be a walk in the park.  I hope...but it sure will be nice to have the extra space and yard and not having to pay rent is also a bonus. 

I played hockey this week for the first time this season, actually for the first time in over a year since I didn’t play last year either.  It went surprisingly well, except for this one drill where I had NO CLUE what was going on and basically skated around in circles like a moron while everyone seemed to know what they were doing and where they were going.  Aside from that it was good, I must thank Turbo Jam for preparing me as I felt a lot more strength in my legs which meant that I was able to skate faster, with the occasional loss of balance of course but I did not fall once.  I have a fear of falling on the ice, in 2008 I fell flat on my behind while trying to do this backward/forward conversion thing and I literally could not get out of bed for a week! Ever since then I’m a lot more cautious of my actions.  I hope to keep attending practices this year although sometimes it is hard to find the time with 3 kids.  Most days, actually everyday from after work at 5pm until 8pm I run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make supper or do bath time and then eat supper, laundry, tidy up, bed time, prepare for the next morning, etc.  Then I collapse into the couch to watch some mindless reality TV.

Speaking of reality TV, I was thinking recently that I have become so accustomed to reality TV that when I try to watch a regular sitcom with actors and a script I just can’t get into it, even if it’s really funny or interesting.  I would just rather watch reality shows, even though they’re not exactly “reality” by definition these days.  I have a whole line up of reality shows I watch that changes season to season, and it doesn’t even matter what it’s about, I’d rather watch teenagers raise their babies then a good sitcom relevant to my age group.  I’m a slave to MTV.  Oh well....

Well, that’s enough of my Friday afternoon musings.  I wish everyone a great weekend! Yes, by “everyone” I really mean you Susie.  Call me tomorrow.  Which reminds me: I really should send the link to some other people haha.

I will post pictures in the near future I promise!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolutions 2011 edition

So I decided to start a blog! Maybe I should say it was a New Year’s Resolution to have a response when people ask me “why?” or “what is it about?” Rather than reply: “uhhh because I want to” and “uhhh nothing really” respectively.
Who remembers Bebo? I used to blog quite regularly on there when that site was all the rage, like everyday almost.  So I thought I would start up an old habit mostly due to boredom and a little bit of envy of my blogger friends.  I assume my followers will be my close friends who I will force to read and perhaps some curious Facebook friends who just happen to be online when I share the link. 
Anywayssss this blog is going to be about New Year’s Resolutions. 
Start new blog aside, 2011 brings many, many new resolutions for me...including: finish renovating and move into free house from Dad; which will lead to: buy new furniture for newly renovated house; quit smoking (which is going very well I might add, I have not smoked since the wee hours of January 1st, mind you I was not a heavy smoker to begin with.); the usual healthy lifestyle pledge; buy more shoes, I know this one is weird, but I’ve just started working again full-time after 8 months of Maternity EI and I have not bought a pair of shoes in literally over a year!;  pay off bucket loads of debt...this actually conflicts with the buying of shoes and furniture, oh well I never said these resolutions had to make sense.  So these are a few of my goals and dreams for 2011.  I decided to share some so I would have some incentive to actually stick to it, so if you see me around sometime in the future you can ask how my shoe collection is going.
So yup that’s about it for now, stay tuned for 2012’s resolutions coming January 2012, also stay tuned for the results of this year’s resolutions coming mid-December 2011.  Exciting, I know.
Well that’s all for now folks..or folk.. talk to you in 2-4 days.